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The innovative clamp function by  

NEW: Artificial noses with CLIP TO FIT-function

sanabelle introduces a new generation of artificial noses.
The CLIP TO FIT function makes the attachment to and removal from tracheal cannulas much easier. Watch the innovation on film!


What is CLIP TO FIT?

CLIP TO FIT is the name of the new, patented clip function for artificial noses (HME). . It enables a quick and smooth HME replacement via a simple, but ingenious principle. The attachment of the HME expands by means of a simple action. In this way, the HME can be mounted onto and removed smoothly from the tracheal cannula.

  • Smooth attachment and removal of the HME onto the cannula connector
  • No pressure or  tension and no rotation on the tracheal cannula
  • Minimal dead space through simpler attachment all the way
  • More comfortable for patients
  • More time-effective for carers
  • Lighter corpus with pleasing design


The new artificial nose for adults and children

NEW: sanabelle HME-A7, with clamp function for easy attachment and removal to sanabelle HME-A7


The new artificial nose for infants

clip to fit A2NEW: sanabelle HME-A2, with clamp function for easy attachment and removal and minimized dead spaceto sanabelle HME-A2