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The company behind the brand

sanabelle is a registered trademark of medi1one medical gmbh. This means that the wholesale company assumes the role of a medical product manufacturer, thereby extending its range of medical products.

medi1one medical gmbh, based in Fellbach near Stuttgart, is a modern wholesale company specialising in medical products. Our product range is focused on medical aid products for treatment and care in the therapy fields of tracheostomy/laryngectomy, ventilation, urology, infusion, parenteral nutrition, modern surgical dressings etc. medi1one delivers supplies to specialized medical retailers (homecare retailers, healthcare supply stores, chemists etc.) throughout Germany.

The existing wholesale product range is supplemented and extended by our own sanabelle brand. In this regard, sanabelle particularly benefits from the overlapping know-how on all kinds of medical aids and many manufacturers as well as from our intensive customer contact. A great deal of market information, such as which products with which requirements are still needed or can be improved, flows directly into sanabelle product development.

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