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The innovative clamp function by  

The added value of the new HME generation

A comparison: Before and after. 


 HME-Wechsel besser

Until now, impractical and uncomfortable:

HME have to be attached firmly and securely to the tracheal cannula. Accordingly, they are difficult to attach and remove. With a conventional HME, the 15 mm connector which secures the attachment to the tracheal cannula, is inflexible and rigid. And the 15 mm norm connectors on the cannula are also rigid and, in addition, differ in terms of the surface properties. This makes it difficult to attach and remove the HME in a patient-friendly way. Every rotation and application of force to the cannula can be associated with unpleasant sensations, irritations and strain.

Now quicker and gentler with CLIP TO FIT:

The sanabelle solution is called CLIP TO FIT. With this clip function, the HME can be mounted and removed smoothly and without using pressure. Read more about the More about CLIP TO FIT or watch our film on the homepage.

Gentle and smooth HME replacement.

By using one simple action, the HME replacement of artificial noses by sanabelle becomes quicker and gentler. Twisting, tension and pressure are no longer necessary when attaching or removing the HME.

More comfortable for patients and easier for carers.

The patient’s trachea no longer has to undergo any unpleasant contact, and for carers, there are clear time savings in addition to a better care of patients. 

Minimized dead space.

As artificial noses can be attached completely in a simple and smooth manner using CLIP TO FIT, the dead space is additionally minimized.

Pleasing design and high product performance.

With its delicate, curved lines, the HME-A7 has a friendly and pleasing appearance. Despite its lighter and more compact corpus, a high level of humidification and a low level of breathing resistance are achieved.

Secure use.

If the clamp function is not activated, the HME cannot just be attached and removed. This is because the HME clamps onto the cannula connector firmly, ensuring a secure connection. In the case of the sanabelle HME-A2 for infants, the function is self-explanatory. The exterior hinges indicate the function, which is similar to a clothes peg, and thus ensure a safe and proper use.

High quality - made in Germany.

Developed and manufactured in Germany: in accordance with the sanabelle philosophy, all HME are manufactured in Germany, from the development, tool production and functional studies to the production in Germany. As such, sanabelle guarantees a consistent and an excellent quality.

engineered and made in Germany